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The Rampant Krvavica Walk, 2024
Architectural guided tour 

This guided tour commenced at the now-abandoned Children’s Health Resort, leading visitors through the Krvavica village while offering insights into coastal urban planning. The tour delved into specific local phenomena such as apartmentization, the rampant growth of tourism, and the decline of modernist heritage in Dalmatia. Contrasting Krvavica with other Dalmatian resorts, the tour focused on the emergence of the "neo-vernacular" style of apartment houses in coastal areas. Additionally, the tour focused on exploring the biography of Rikard Marasović, the resort's architect, and his speculated relation to the term "critical regionalism".

This guided tour was performed as a part of the Architecture of Cure program organized by the The Society of Istrian Architects (DAI-SAI) in May 2024.

Photos by Vice Rudan