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Endless Becoming of Seaside Resorts: Scheveningen Bad and Žnjan, 2023
Custom made toy boxes, research paper, 3D printed models 

A work that explores and analyzes the phenomenon of coastal development on the examples of Scheveningen Bad, the Netherlands, and Žnjan, Croatia. The work consists of two parts: a research paper and a toy packaging in which the paper is packed. The research paper juxtaposes the histories of both maritime domains but also seeks to uncover their similarities and specificities. The Croatian Adriatic coast, famous for its islands and pristine nature, is currently experiencing overdevelopment and withstanding great regulation shifts in the domain of coastal development. By learning about the most recent bill of the Law on Maritime Property and Seaports the Croatian government is presently adopting, Mijuca speculates on the possible futures for the Croatian Adriatic coast.

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