Text and Images

Betoniziraj! (Betonize!), 2021
Digital illustration, dimensions variable
Print on mesh banner, 330 × 200 cm
Exhibition view, Endless Becomings [Solo show]

This work functions as a dystopian depiction of the beach Žnjan in Split. In this dystopia, this maritime domain becomes overcrowded by illegal objects of bizarre appearance. Their purpose resembles the dialectic of two different scenarios: One being apartments rented out during the tourist season to become secondary residences and the second scenario in which these buildings house the local population. I have taken the real geographical data from the area of Žnjan, defined an area of 1 km2, and illustrated it in isometric projection. By using the isometric projection, I refer to urban planning, thus questioning the effectiveness and relevance of this practice today.

Photos by Glorija Lizde